Hook-A/Hook-A+ is an automatic hooking and unhooking system that automates the transport and delivery of your trailers from A to Z.

A powerful self-releasing towing hook

Hook-A allows the EffiBOT to transport and deliver trailers or loads to different destinations on your site.

Once it arrives at the defined destination, the Hook-A automatically releases the drawbar to deliver the trailer.

Compatible with our range of Shaped Trailers, this equipment can tow up to 500kg.

The Hook-A equipment : a dynamic security

This hook is equipped with an intuitive and dynamic safety system.

When a trailer is coupled to the EffiBOT, the width is virtually increased on both sides of the robot to create a safety margin.

This will ensure safe travel in straight lines as well as in curves.

This towink hook is also able to constantly monitor the presence of a trailer. Thus, as soon as a trailer is attached, the Hook-A will detect it and the width of the robot will be virtually increased.

Embedded equipments and trailers


Co-funded by the European Union. Jéremie financing 2 with the European regional development fund.