Effidence is a multidisciplinary team of 20 people motivated by robotics innovation to assists its clients. We have expertise in robotics, automatism, IT programming obviously, but also in mechanics, electronics, project management, field installation & integration and of course customer support.

I’m a sales engineer for Effidence since 2019. It consists in meeting new customers who wish to change the process of their activity or to accompany our customers in the continuity of the change they have started.

My responsibility is to advise them as best as possible in their thinking and to build together the conveyor solution best suited to their activity.  More than a robotic forklift truck, we sell a complete solution.

From my point of view, robotics is an indisputable solution in the context of improving working conditions, it is also a solution to compensate for the lack of personnel in certain sectors.

Being part of Effidence means working in a human-sized, dynamic, enthusiastic and participative team.

Sales Engineer

I have been working at Effidence since its creation in 2009. I am involved in the development of specific software solutions for certain customers and in all developments related to the EffiNAV navigation system, the EffiFCS fleet management system and to some extent the robot control interfaces.

What I particularly like about working at Effidence is that we are free to choose the technologies that we feel are best suited to meet customer needs.

This is a real vote of confidence and has an impact on the company’s development direction.

For example, we do not hesitate to use recent software tools/libraries if it allows us to be more efficient.

EffiBOT avec une remorque pour un convoyage de pièces

IT development engineer

I’m a project manager at Effidence since 2018. Project management at Effidence is understood in the broadest sense of the word: from pre-sales support to product delivery and all the steps necessary for the successful completion of projects. The first objective is to capture the customer’s needs as a whole.

Effidence is a human-sized, dynamic company, in which I can bring my point of view on all subjects that I think are relevant to the smooth running of the company.

Effidence allows me to make the link between highly specialized technical teams in each of their fields and customers for whom technology is not an end but only a means.

Project Manager

I created Effidence because I am passionate about research and robotics, and I firmly believe that robotics is not only a source of progress and competitiveness for companies, but also a source of progress for people.

The solutions that we design and develop at Effidence have the ambition to be a step forward for people by relieving them of tedious tasks and low added value, and by refocusing them on their job, bringing at the same time a better profitability to the company.

Within Effidence we share these strong values that combine the search for excellence and performance for the company, as well as the well-being and health of people at work.

Founding partner,
Doctor in robotics et IT engineer

Team portraits

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