Our range of robotized solutions (AMR)

Effidence optimises your logistics and industrial flows with collaborative and autonomous robots (AMR)

EffiBOT, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR)

Effidence has designed the EffiBOT, an AMR that acts as a real assistant, to optimise logistics flows in industry and warehouses. EffiBOT is a modular robot with multiple uses, from order preparation to line-side supply, in many sectors of logistics and industrial activities.

Range of robotic solutions (AMR)

Effidence and Manitou have designed together a range of robotic solutions, (EffiBOT-XS, robotic tuggers and stackers), to meet various applications: order picking on pallets, conveying of parts containers, capacity logistics train…

All Effidence’s robotized solutions (AMR) are perfectly customizable for each customer project to provide the best logistics process. The support is complete: from the analysis of the customer’s needs and constraints, the development of the solution, to its implementation, guidance, adjustment and support in operation.

Since 2009, Effidence develops, designs and promotes worldwide autonomous solutions for logistics. More than 130 units are in operation in all 5 continents.

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Let’s meet at the Global Industrie !

You can find out more about AMR Effidence at Global Industrie, where the company is taking part with its partner MANITOU.


Effidence at the SITL with its partner Manitou Group

Effidence is once again taking part in the International Transport and Logistics Exhibition (SITL) with MANITOU Group.


EffiBOT-XS at the Smart Manufacturing Summit Japan event, in Aichi !

Effidence and its EffiBOT-XS will be present at the 1st edition of the Global Industrie in Japan: The Smart Manufacturing Summit.


Robotized solutions (AGV/AMR)

Effidence’s robotic solutions are designed to optimise logistics flows in warehouses and industry. Our AMRs cover a wide range of applications to meet each customer’s process.

  • Warehouses,
  • Industries,
  • Construction,
  • Last mile delivery.
EffiBOT avec remorque pour convoyage de pièces

Natural autonomous navigation

EffiBOT en mode follow me lors d'une préparation de commande chez DHL

« Follow-me » functionality

EffiBOT simple en extérieur

Indoor & outdoor applications

Various technologies and expertise implementation

Effidence autonomous mobile robots are based on a powerful navigation software, MapEditor, which combines speed of installation and robustness over time. It is perfectly adapted to the various environments of evolution of the AMR, both indoors and outdoors.

The EffiNAV on-board robot intelligence is the same for all robots, allowing :

  • To simplify the handling of a heterogeneous fleet by homogenising the installation process (software, mapping)
  • To facilitate the management of this fleet through the Fleet Coordination System (EffiFCS).

A proprietary security system allows a safe usage of the solution. This feature is fully audited by BUREAU VERITAS.

We are members of the French Fab

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