EffiBOT simple

EffiBOT, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AGV/AMR)

Effidence has created EffiBOT to improve logistics performances in factories and warehouses, an autonomous cart behaving like a handling assistant. EffiBOT can be used in various use-cases, from picking/kitting activities to parts delivery, and in various warehouse and industrial environments.

Robotic Handling Trolleys

Effidence and Manitou have co-designed a range of autonomous intralogistics vehicles (order pickers, tractors, stackers) to answer various issues: order picking on pallets, parts container conveyors, industrial logistics train.…

Effidence is perfectly tailor configuring the solution proposed to each customer project to provide the best logistics process. We provide a comprehensive solution support, from the development, to the design, the installation and the through-life support.

Since 2009, Effidence develops, designs and promotes worldwide autonomous solutions for logistics. More than 130 units are in operation in all 5 continents.

Autonomous logistics solutions

Effidence solutions are dedicated to improve logistics performances in warehouses and factories. Based on our own mobile platform or on our partners’ vehicles, various configuration may be propose to always meet the perfect match with the process requirement.

  • Warehouse,
  • Industry,
  • Construction,
  • Last mile delivery.
EffiBOT avec remorque pour convoyage de pièces

Natural autonomous navigation

EffiBOT en mode follow me lors d'une préparation de commande chez DHL

« Follow-me » functionality

EffiBOT simple en extérieur

Indoor & outdoor applications

Various technologies and expertise implementation

Effidence solutions are all based on a powerful navigation software that allow both a fast installation process and reliable performances over time. It is perfectly adapted to the various mobile platform operation environments, either indoor or outdoor.

The same EffiNAV embedded computer is mounted on-board all type of mobile platform or vehicle. This allows the Fleet Coordination System (EffiFCS) to manage a heterogeneous fleet.

A proprietary security system allows a safe usage of the solution. This feature is fully audited by BUREAU VERITAS.

They trust our autonomous solutions

to improve their logistics performances

Effidence News

French industry promoted and intralogistics day

• Local industry players based in Clermont-Ferrand and Saint-Etienne, Auvergne-RhôneAlpes • Training and apprenticeships to develop the talents of tomorrow's industry • French know-how promoted through innovation • Industrial growth and logistics: CIMES Theme Day dedicated to intralogistics {{ vc_btn: title=Read+the+Press+Release&style=custom&custom_text=%23666666&shape=square&align=center&css_animation=slideInDown&link=url%3Ahttps%253A%252F%252Fwww.effidence.com%252Fwp-content%252Fuploads%252F2022%252F11%252FPress-Release-Effidence-_-CIMES-20221121-EN-2.pdf%7Ctitle%3APress%2520release%2520Effidence%2520%257C%2520CIMES%7Ctarget%3A_blank }}


#3 – Bot’casts | AGV&AMR_ The positive collaboration between Homme & Machine

| Third Bot'cast Effidence | #3- AGV&AMR _ The positive collaboration Man-Machine This is a brand new format adopted by the company, in order to address different themes. Frequency: 1 time / 3 weeks Tweet


Logistics & Automation – Madrid

Effidence participated to the Logistics & Automation fair in Madrid from the 26th to the 27th of october, alongside Manitou ! EffiBOT, EffiBOT-XS and EffiBOT-P were there too.


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