Many technologies and expertises are used in Effidence robotics solutions

A powerful navigation software

Effidence has developed a powerful navigation software to be installed in its robotized solutions. On-board the EffiNAV computer, the navigation software analyzes in real time the surrounding by merging the data processing from different sensors.

As a result, the system allows a powerful and reliable navigation capability…

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…A relative navigation capability, to detect and follow an operator.

  • The navigation software is precisely detecting a specific person within in the surrounding. It is then able to follow him/her, even if another person comes by. This is the “Follow-me” functionality,
  • The person follow-up is natural, no equipment is needed: it can be configured for a person walking in front, on the left-side or on the right-side of the robot,
  • The usage of the “Follow-me” functionality may be limited to areas preliminary configured (specific aisle, picking zone, etc.)

…An absolute navigation capability, to find its way within the environment and therefore to drive autonomously to the destination.

  • The localization is mainly based on the natural environment recognition: storage racks, walls, pillars, safety barriers, etc.
  • The localization can be strengthen whenever required with the use of reflectors in open areas,
  • The system is therefore adaptable, flexible and does not require any heavy infrastructure: no line on the floor, no QR code, no beacon or any other triangulation system, etc.

The Effidence navigation software is also including a obstacle avoidance system that detects in real time any item on the robot way. The system can then be configured either to stop in front of the obstacle or to drive around it for the robot to further continue its way.

The “Follow-me” and obstacle avoidance functionalities do not require any installation. The robot is plug & play. The autonomous navigation functionality requires a mapping process to be performed with the MapEditor software tool.

Each AMR is equipped with its own navigation system, no centralized server is require. Only a Fleet Coordination System (EffiFCS) may be useful to manage the fleet traffic according to predefined priority rules.

A built-in security system

All AMR equipped with Effidence navigation system are complying with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and with the EN1525 standard.

The security of assets and persons is ensured at a PL-d safety level through the EffiCONTROLLER system, designed and developed by Effidence. We preferred not to rely on a third party system through the use of so-called “security” sensors. We decided to create our own electronic system allowing the use of navigation sensors. The EffiCONTROLLER electronic module is obviously including a permanent integrity check routine and a redundant process structure.

  • The security area is fully controlled and the area size is gradually moving: the security area in front and at the side of the robot is increasing as the speed increases.
  • Costs, and therefore Prices, are reduced due to the use of Navigation Sensors.

The Effidence security system is audited by Bureau Veritas.

Co-funded by the European Union. Jéremie financing 2 with the European regional development fund.