Our fully robotized and collaborative EffiBOT-T can supply your sites by towing heavy or bulky loads.

An autonomous tugger

EffiBOT-T is fully autonomous. This industrial logistics train is capable of ferrying containers and towing different trailers to ensure on-board supply to industries.


  • Towing capacity: 6 T
  • Length: 1551 mm
  • Width: 984 mm
  • Height: 2115 mm
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Our tugger is equipped with a very robust and efficient navigation system

  • A set of sensors analyzes the environment 360 degrees,
  • The location is based mainly on the natural environment and can also be artificially reinforced in open areas,
  • The navigation system allows a speed of up to 7 km/h (2 m/s).

Our tugger is versatile

  • It tows up to 6 tons,
  • It is fully autonomous by recovering its destinations via the ERP,
  • Different types of hitches are offered to fit all trailers.

Our tugger complies with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.

Co-funded by the European Union. Jéremie financing 2 with the European regional development fund.