Multiple technologies and expertises are used in the Effidence robotics solutions

Fleet Coordination System (EffiFCS), a tower control and a supervision system

The Fleet Coordinator System (EffiFCS) is a fully customizable tool to perfectly match each project specific requirement.

The main EffiFCS functionality is to coordinate an autonomous mobile robots fleet. Each robot communicates with the Coordinator through a dedicated Wi-Fi networks to receive mission orders and to send status reports. The traffic is then managed according to predefined priority rules.

The status of each robot is also uploaded to allow the supervision of the fleet and the on-going processes.

EffiFCS is also an interface to the outer world

  • It receives signals from remote calling button and assign to a free autonomous vehicle the mission to drive to the require destination,
  • It is connected to the ERP or WMS via a REST API to retrieve a multiple destination conveying mission and to assign it to a free autonomous vehicle
  • It is connected to an industrial machine by Modbus to manage the autonomous vehicle arrival and departure according to the actual production rate,
  • It is connected to the traffic light system, controlled through its built-in IN/OUT ports, in order to warn of an imminent autonomous vehicle arrival,
  • Etc.
Co-funded by the European Union. Jéremie financing 2 with the European regional development fund.