More than a simple mobile robot, EffiBOT is a solution adapted to each project to perfectly fit the logistic or industrial process. Different options can be added to the robot.

EffiBOT batterie

Batteries for 8 hours autonomy

EffiBOT and the additional equipment are powered by an on-board battery allowing an average 8 hours autonomy, depending on the actual usage profile. The Lithium-Ion technology offers a large choice of charging strategy.

Multiple options are proposed according to the type of process:

  • A battery to be removed manually for a swap in less than 30 seconds,
  • A fix on-board battery and a regular induction recharging system at each parking location.

A custom structure on the tray

The EffiBOT tray is equipped with an aluminium profile in its perimeter. This is the base for building any type of modular upper-structure: side-panels, shelves, cage, … possibilities are numerous.

A modular solution provide to our customer an easy opportunity to modify the upper-structure whenever the logistics or industrial process is changing.

A deeper customization can also be built by our Technical Department: assembling a specific welded structure directly on the robot chassis, designing a tray with specific dimensions, etc.

EffiBOt avec écran tactile

A touch-screen for an unlimited man-machine interface

All different destinations from the conveying system are clearly accessible through this man-machine interface. The industrial touch-screen is mounted on the robot upper-structure and is automatically configured during the robot installation.

A custom man-machine interface is also possible, including the display of information from the WMS or ERP.

Co-funded by the European Union. Jéremie financing 2 with the European regional development fund.